{ Happy Easter 2016 }

When you’ve just done a photography workshop and you get your a*$ kicked (in a very nice, kind and encouraging way) by Luisa Brimble, Sophie Hanson, Marta Gerber and Simone Hawlish for not doing enough photography … and your friend calls you up to ask whether you wanted some natural easter egg dye… well then you have to take some pictures. And if your said friend’s little daughter also models for you… how can you say no.

Egg colouring with natural dyes is an old Easter tradition in Switzerland. I still remember sitting in the kitchen with my grandma and mum dying eggs in the method shown in the photos. Searching the meadows for herbs and small leaves and flowers, cutting old nylon stockings in parts and getting the eggs ready for the dye…. such fond memories.

If you would like step by step instructions you can find it over on Assemble “a well crafted life”.

Also my friend Kristin Buesing & I created a small digital Easter Magazine a couple of years back with recipes for a full Easter Menu.